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лексус не работает круиз контроль

Cruise control doesn’t work on my lexus

Cruise control best let garage check out,here are few things to check,check fuse and check to see if brake lights dont work.check brake light fuse if fuse okay brake light switch could faulty or bad connection then brake light will reset cruise control you apply brakes.if all is good problem could be speed sensor or accelerator pedal to need diagnostic euipment to troubleshoot.

Posted on Sep 16, 2012


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I would take it into the dealer and have them check it out, but it sounds like a defective cruise control transducer, that is the part that actually holds the speed.

Posted on Mar 19, 2009

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Srs light on, horn and cruise won’t work

Well it would be helpfull to see what codes are stored in the airbag computer, but its interesting that the horn and cruise arn’t working. Maybe before spending the money on having the codes scanned, i would check all the fuses, just incase.


  1. Faulty Cruise Control
  2. Faulty Speed Sensor
  3. Faulty Vacuum or Vent Valve
  4. Faulty Stepper Motor
  5. Faulty Transducer
  6. Incorrect Cable Adjustment
  7. A Binding Throttle Linkage
  8. Leaking Vacuum Tank
  9. Leaking Vacuum servo diagram
  1. Faulty Cruise Control Module
  2. Faulty Speed Sensor
  3. Binding Throttle Linkage
  4. Kinked Speedometer Cable
  1. Faulty Transducer
  2. Faulty Cruise Control Module
  3. Short or Open Circuit in Cruise Control
  4. Brake or Clutch Switch Adjusted too tight
  1. Faulty Cruise Control Module
  2. Short or Open Circuit in Cruise Control
  3. Faulty Clutch or Brake Switch
  4. Leaking Vacuum Circuit
  5. Faulty Stepper Motor
  6. Faulty Speed Sensor
  7. Faulty Transducer
  8. Faulty Cruise Control Switch
  9. A Blown Fuse

Horn & Cruise control doesn’t work

The clock spring has gone bad. You will have to remove the steering wheel to gain access to the clock spring (used to be called the turn sig. switch) But if you are going to perform this repair make sure you dis-connect the battery before you began because you could set off the air bag in the steering wheel

1995 Olds 88 v8 cruise control doesn’t work?

2005 buick lesabre cruise control doesn’t work

have a look at the cruise control cable that goes next to your throttle cable next to your throttle body for looseness

Cruise control not working

The adjustment of the brake light switch or it could be bad. the brake lights can work fine and the part of the switch that works the cruise doesn’t The swiches that control it from the steering wheel can losse connection in a part called the clock spring. Vacume connections can effect the cruise but yours is likly cables less therefore doesn’t work the cruize.

Horn doesn’t work,abs light on dash stays on and also cruise control does not work either

Typical reason for no cruise and horn is a bad clock spring underneath the airbag. Typically you have an airbag light on as well and not an abs light

2003 dodge stratus air bag on, no cruise control, horn doesn’t work

My high beam switch doesn’t work correctly. Plus now the cruise control stopped working. Could these be related?

My cruise control doesn’t work. any

jnjkingbird , It sounds like this problem is the clock spring as I don’t believe that the horn and the cruise control would share a fuse. However, they do share a circuit in the clock-spring . You can check for power at each unit (horn and the cruise control) which would confirm this. Check each fuse as well. Good luck with this.

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Srs light on, horn and cruise won’t work

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